Patient Reviews

Dr. Ditesheim and our staff are humbled to receive such wonderful feedback from our patients. It is an honor to participate in such positive changes in our patients’ lives. Below are some of the kind notes and letters we’ve received.

*Results May Vary

Breast Surgery Patient Reviews

“I always liked my body but did not want to feel like a boy from the waist up. I wanted to feel like a woman. Now I feel like a woman.”*
L.E., Breast Augmentation Patient

“Dr. Ditesheim did not give me back what I lost, he gave me what I never had before. What I looked like before compared to what I look like now, there is no greater feeling. I cannot tell him enough what this means to me.”*
J.G., Breast Augmentation Patient

“The breast (size) is perfect, I love it…symmetry is better after augmentation…My breasts look and feel natural…(my breasts) feel soft, no animation…I was working out without restriction at 6 weeks.”*
C.B., Breast Augmentation Patient

“My fear before (breast augmentation) surgery was that “I don’t want to look like I have fake breasts”. Now, one year later, I look very natural, even my relatives couldn’t tell I had breast augmentation”*
J.T., Breast Augmentation Patient

“I felt like Dr. Ditesheim really listened to my concerns and guided me to the procedure that would give me the best possible outcome…It was obvious he wanted to know what I wanted, rather than trying to convince me what my ideal body should look like.”*
K.L., Breast Augmentation Patient

“I wanted more confidence…I had breast asymmetry as long as I can remember. After nursing, my breasts deflated. I was more than a cup size different in my bra. It is more than what I expected… I went shopping in my closet…putting on bathing suits is fun…I am able to wear any top…I wear clothes I would never wear before…I was back to work in one week.”*
Breast Asymmetry Correction Patient

“I experienced significant deflation of my breasts after weight loss (55lbs). I was very self-conscious with intimacy. I just wanted to feel better about myself. Before I had droopy breasts, made me feel aged. Now I feel more youthful, more feminine, more self-confidant. As long as I was married, I felt ashamed, now I have bought new nighties.”*
Breast Lift Patient

“Dr. Ditesheim did not give me back what I lost, he gave me what I never had before. What I looked like before compared to what I look like now, there is no greater feeling. I cannot tell him enough what this means to me.”*
Breast Reduction Patient

“I love my breasts now. The size is perfect. I am a better tennis player since having the surgery!”*
Breast Reduction Patient

“I feel great. I have been recommending this surgery to everyone at work.”*
Breast Reduction Patient

“I had significant back, neck and shoulder pain. The pain is gone, my scars have healed beautifully. I am very happy.”*
Breast Reduction Patient

AquaShape Lipo and Body Contouring Patient Reviews

“In 5 days I was doing 90% of what I normally do. This was the best thing that I did for myself and my family.”*
P.M., AquaShape Liposuction Patient

“Staff is outstanding! They always have a welcoming smile, an upbeat attitude, sympathetic to my concerns, had patience in addressing questions. I can’t pay them enough compliments. I was also completely impressed at my consultation with Dr. Ditesheim. His knowledge and explanation of the procedure, the recovery involved, what results to expect were outstanding. It is obvious that he has a genuine concern for his patients and their recovery. I knew immediately that he would be my doctor of choice. An outstanding experience. Thank you!”*
AquaShape Liposuction Patient

“I spent the whole summer at the beach in a bikini, I really feel good. I have always been shaped like this, ran track in school. Now have dropped 4 dress sizes, was extra large now medium. My body is at the level it wants to be. I do not watch the scale, I go by the way I feel and the way clothes fit. Before surgery, simple moves (exercise) were not possible because of the upper tummy roll. I love my shape, my husband loves my shape.”*
AquaShape Liposuction Patient

“The level of professionalism I felt from the first phone call all the way through to the end. I appreciate all the time and help that was given. It helped me make the most important decision on the right doctor for me. I had a wonderful experience and would recommend Dr. Ditesheim to all.”*
AquaShape Liposuction Patient

“I think the surgery has made me feel different because I feel better about myself. I can wear decent clothes and I look better. No matter if someone could not see what was under my clothes, I could see it every time I looked in the mirror.”*
AquaShape Liposuction Patient

“I was nervous about having a tummy tuck and how the scars might appear. Dr. Ditesheim took his time with me and addressed all of my concerns.”*
T.L., Tummy Tuck Patient

“I underwent a tummy tuck and liposuction shaping which allowed me drop two dress sizes! The results have been easy for me to maintain…”*
J.S., Tummy Tuck Patient

“Dr. Ditesheim is sincerely caring. You just know that you’ve made the right choice when you meet him.”*
J.B., Tummy Tuck Patient

“My tummy scar looks excellent, it’s great! I keep looking great, I am very pleased.”*
K.F., Tummy Tuck Patient

“The thing I liked best about Dr. Ditesheim is that he took so much time with me and didn’t make me feel rushed. He wanted to make sure we were doing exactly what I wanted and needed to boost my self confidence!”*
A.U., Tummy Tuck Patient

“I was nervous about having a tummy tuck and how the scars might appear. Dr. Ditesheim took his time with me and addressed all of my concerns.”*
T.L., Mommy Makeover Patient

“I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful and liberating it is not to be ashamed of my body anymore. Your service and support has been exceptional and worth every penny!”*
J.G., Mommy Makeover Patient

“My chest looks amazing, you can’t even tell that I had surgery. I am so happy that I went through with the procedure.”*
A.R., Gynecomastia Treatment Patient

“I feel my chest is finally proportional to my body. I can’t even see the scars, it’s unbelievable.”*
F.G., Gynecomastia Treatment Patient

“I’m now comfortable with wearing tight fitting shirts. I don’t avoid going to the pool anymore.”*
C.B., Gynecomastia Treatment Patient

“I now walk into a room with confidence on my face. I am pleased to get rid of the extra weight that I could not lose from diet and exercise.”*
J.S., Male Liposuction Patient

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the result that Dr. Ditesheim gave me, I am not timid around others anymore, I have confidence knowing I look great in clothes again.”*
J.B., Male Liposuction Patient

“My torso is just what I wanted, Dr. Ditesheim gave me such an amazing shape to my abdomen, and I love my result.”*
J.W., Male Liposuction Patient

“The result is phenomenal, my chest has great contour and is extremely smooth, and the scar is barely noticeable.”*
R.F., Male Liposuction Patient

Facial Surgery Reviews

“I finally look on the outside how I feel on the inside. I am so glad I did the surgery- the results are so natural but I feel like a new woman! Dr. Ditesheim is incredible.”*
R.K., Eyelid Surgery Patient

“I love the depth and width of my eyes, my makeup goes on so much better!”*
D.E., Eyelid Surgery Patient

“I never thought I could look as great as I do, I look well rested, more awake, and youthful.”*
S.D., Eyelid Surgery Patient

“One of the most important factors in my decision was that I didn’t feel like my appearance needed to change and Dr. Ditesheim understood that.”*
R.K., Eyelid Surgery Patient

“Dr. Ditesheim went beyond my expectation and when all was said and done he had done everything, and more, than he had promised.”*
J.D., Facelift Patient

“It’s nice not to have to wear makeup anymore and I blend in with the younger nurses.”*
T.S., Facelift Patient

“I was very pleased with the way Dr. Ditesheim listened to my needs. Thank you so much Dr. Ditesheim for giving me back my power.”*
C.A., Facelift Patient

“The respect and care received from everyone in Dr. Ditesheim’s office is unsurpassed and the predictability of the outcome is more than I realized.”*
J.D., Facelift Patient

“I love the soft and natural looking lines of my face Dr. Ditesheim created. I am so happy with my results.”*
C.F., Facial Fat Grafting Patient

“I was very pleased with the way Dr. Ditesheim listened to my needs. Thank you so much Dr. Ditesheim for giving me back my power”*
C.A., Facial Fat Grafting Patient

“Love the way I look.”*
G.S., Facial Fat Grafting Patient

“I have cheek fullness I look like myself at an earlier age now.”*
C.L., Facial Fat Grafting Patient

“He spent a lot of time with me I really felt like he was developing a blueprint just for my procedure- I never felt like my procedure would be an “out-of-the-box nose job. I knew he was taking the time and care necessary to understand me and make sure the procedure would be right for me.”*
M.M., Rhinoplasty Patient

“He is an obvious perfectionist and it shows.”*
P.K., Rhinoplasty Patient

“After having this surgery, I feel more confident than I have ever felt. I’m comfortable in my own skin- and that’s the most important part. I’m still me, only better!*
M.M., Rhinoplasty Patient

“I cannot believe my result; my nose is proportional to my face, I love it!”*
J.F., Rhinoplasty Patient

“The position of my nose is perfect, I could not have asked for a better outcome!”*
R.C., Male Rhinoplasty Patient

“I love showing off my new and improved nose! My nose compliments my face so much and it is finally symmetrical, this nose is the nose I have always wanted.”*
A.C., Male Rhinoplasty Patient

“My nose is perfect; I can see a huge improvement in the shape of my nose. The symmetry of my nose is perfection.”*
R.I.. Male Rhinoplasty Patient

“My appearance has improved tremendously after surgery; the shape of my face is much more youthful looking.”*
S.G., Male Rhinoplasty Patient

“My look is just what I wanted, the fullness in my neck and extra sagging skin of my eyelids is gone, I love my new look.”*
L.L., Male Facial Shaping Patient

“My neck looks so natural, this is me, it looks like I didn’t even have surgery, I still feel young and finally my face matches the way I feel.”*
M.Q., Male Facial Shaping Patient

“I am so pleased with my new face, I don’t have anymore sagging skin and my eyes compliment my face perfectly.”*
W.T., Male Facial Shaping Patient

“I feel my eye surgery brought life back to my eyes!. I feel and look younger.”*
R.P., Male Eyelid Surgery Patient

“I cannot believe how great I look, I don’t have extra eyelid skin anymore and I don’t feel my eyes are beady-eyed looking anymore, they are perfect in shape and size, I could not be any happier with my new appearance.”*
A.C., Male Eyelid Surgery Patient