Why Mommy Makeovers Are Becoming All the Rage

June 21, 2015 |

As great as the pregnancy and motherhood experience can be, there’s no denying that it can take a toll on your body. Pregnancy includes fluctuating hormones, along with stretched-out skin and weight gain. And while no mother would willingly trade her child for her pre-pregnancy looks, there’s no shame in wanting to bring your body back to where it was before you became pregnant. For every woman who feels this […]

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Do Your Breast Implants Need a Boost?

June 19, 2015 |

Whether you’re a woman who has enjoyed the benefits of breast implants or somebody still happy with what nature gave you, it’s possible that you’ve noticed that your breasts don’t look quite the way they used to. Gravity affects us all at some point, and breasts are just one area of the body where this is seen more than others. This is just as true for augmented breasts as it […]

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3 Reasons Fat Transfer Could Revolutionize Cosmetic Surgery

June 17, 2015 |

When we imagine possible procedures to erase our signs of aging, the first ones that pop into our heads are usually a facelift or BOTOX® injections. We don’t typically imagine injecting fat into our bodies to smooth out our contours, but the benefits of fat transfer can include reduced signs of aging and adding a younger appearance to our skin. Yet, fat transfer has a few benefits that just might […]

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If Diets Don’t Work, What about Lipo?

June 13, 2015 |

It’s a story we’ve heard time and time again: a dieter, filled with motivation and energy, begins a weight loss program designed to shrink his or her body and finally get healthier. And maybe it works for a while, but after enough time passes and the motivation disappears, the dieter resumes old habits and regains all of the weight that was such hard work to lose. Yo-yo dieting is an […]

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4 Reasons Combining a Lift with Your Breast Implants Could Mean the Best Results

May 29, 2015 |

Feeling unhappy with your breasts is common for many women, whether you think your cup size isn’t flattering for your frame, or your figure has started to sag. If this sounds like you, there are four reasons why combining a breast lift with implants can give you results that bring out the best in both procedures—as well as bringing out the best in your breasts. 1. Adding Size and Changing […]

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