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All About AquaShape Liposuction

Water assisted liposuction permanently removes deposits of unwanted fat and sculpts a more attractive, natural contour in an area. By targeting the areas that bother you most, liposuction can help you feel more comfortable in clothes and confident in your appearance. Despite the recent deluge of fat reduction treatments appearing in the news, we believe liposuction remains the most effective fat reduction procedure for most patients.


AquaShape: Superb liposuction results with minimal downtime

Dr. Ditesheim uses the AquaShape by Body-Jet® when performing liposuction. While it’s Dr. Ditesheim’s skill and highly trained aesthetic eye that helps him achieve beautiful, natural looking results, the AquaShape allows him to achieve it much more gently.

How AquaShape works

Through tiny incisions, Dr. Ditesheim removes unwanted fat cells and sculpts a better shape. Using the pulsating action of a controlled water spray, the fat cells can be gently separated from the surrounding normal tissues, so the unwanted fat can be removed from the body more easily and your new shape sculpted more naturally.

Less trauma to the body means minimal swelling, minimal bruising and quicker, predictable recovery. In fact, the technique is so gentle that the fat can be used in fat grafting for facial rejuvenation, or even breast or buttock augmentation.


What can AquaShape liposuction help me treat?

An extremely versatile procedure in terms of treatment area, AquaShape can help you lose unwanted fat nearly anywhere on the face or body, even small areas like the knees, between the breast and underarm, or under the chin. Liposuction can also enhance the results of other plastic surgery procedures by sculpting a seamlessly smooth, natural contour.

The precise contouring possible with AquaShape makes it perfect for sculpting an improved contour throughout the lower body, helping to remove lovehandles, muffin tops, and saddlebags while ensuring your proportions look natural throughout.

Liposuction can be an excellent solution for reshaping the buttocks, with or without a fat transfer. By removing excess fat from the areas surrounding the buttocks, such as the lower back, hips, and inner and outer thighs, Dr. Ditesheim can sculpt an aesthetically pleasing shape that also enhances your curves.

We find AquaShape to be ideal for delicate areas such as the face and neck, helping to achieve a beautifully natural contour to the jawline with virtually undetectable scarring. The technique is so gentle that the removed fat can be immediately used for facial fat grafting to enhance the jawline or restore volume to the cheeks or lips.

AquaShape Liposuction for Breast Enhancement

Dr. Ditesheim can also use AquaShape to reshape the breasts, by reducing unwanted breast fatty tissue for a breast reduction without scars. AquaShape can also be used to transfer fat to replace lost volume in the upper pole of the breast, eliminating the need for breast implants in certain patients.

Why liposuction still rules for effective, permanent fat reduction

Lots of new fat reduction treatments promise little downtime, but what results can you expect? Non-invasive technologies like CoolSculpting® reduce the absolute number of fat cells by a modest amount. But will a minimal change in the muffin top or a slightly smaller tummy be enough to get you feeling comfortable in a bikini? Liposuction can dramatically reduce fat in an area while also sculpting the body.


More aggressive procedures that use laser to melt fat (Zerona®, SmartLipo®) can actually destroy other tissues in the process by burning, shattering or extracting non-fat cells. The heat from the laser does melt fat, but also requires more healing from the surrounding tissues. Think of the “heat” you feel with a sunburn. Now imagine that on your inside layers. Not too pretty, is it?

Other technologies that use high energy, like ultrasound (Vaser®) or radio-frequency energy (Tickle-lipo®) or even vibratory energy (traditional Power-Assisted Liposuction®) all remove fat cells, but are traumatic to the surrounding tissues and consequently require more healing time.

Learn more at a personal consultation with Dr. Ditesheim

If you live in or plan to travel to the Charlotte, NC area and are interested in AquaShape liposuction, contact us today. At a personal consultation with Dr. Ditesheim, you can get a better idea for how liposuction with AquaShape can help you enjoy a slimmer, shapelier body.