Facial Fat Transfer Charlotte

A beautiful facial profile without surgery

At first, it may sound a little strange to inject fat into areas of your body. After all, isn’t thin always in? The truth is that for many of us, there’s an area or two on the body or face that isn’t quite as full or plump as we’d like, and this thinner appearance only gets worse as we age. To correct the lack of volume, Dr. Ditesheim performs these purified fat injections.

This procedure, also known as autologous fat transfer, is ideal for individuals who are looking to plump their skin in an effort to “fill out” their faces and maintain a youthful look, as well as those who wish to refine their facial features. We can use fat injections to:

  • Create a better balance in the shape of your face
  • Add fullness to sunken or wrinkled areas of the lips, cheeks and chin
  • Enhance the lips, reshape the cheeks or chin, or to soften deep hollows beneath the eyes.
  • Fill out deep facial creases
  • Improve the appearance of skeletal-looking hands, breast or body.

The benefits of fat injections

Soft, natural, entirely personalized – fat transfer uses your own tissue to enhance or reshape facial or body features. Fat injections have a number of advantages over temporary filler products and facial surgery:

  • No incisions or resulting scars on the face
  • Only local anesthesia is usually needed
  • Results are permanent and will age naturally with you
  • No risk of allergic reaction, since your own natural fat is used
  • Results feel soft, smooth and 100% natural
  • Can be performed in one office visit or at the same time as facial surgery

Who is a candidate for face fat grafting?

“I am in my 30s, is fat grafting for me?”

Grafting small areas of the face, sometimes in combination with liposuction can “sculpt” or refine shape in the aging face, even in young patients. Using this technique she may have put off doing a facelift for a few years.

fat grafting face

Fat injections can dramatically refine your facial profile at any age.

“I am in my 50s with a limited budget and want to make my eyes look younger.”

The patient below had upper eyelid lift surgery and fat grafting around eyes and cheeks, but did not have a facelift. The fat grafting restores the lost volume around the eyes, makes the eyes come alive.

female face fat graft

“My grandchildren told me I look younger.”

“I am in my 60s but look older, especially around my eyes.”

The man in the picture below chose to have facial fat grafting done because he felt the hollows around the eyes and cheeks made his face look older. Even 6 months after fat grafting, he has achieved his goals. He could get a facelift, but doesn’t need it after have fat grafting done. A facelift alone would not have produced this result for him.

male face fat graft

After fat grafting only around eyes and cheeks, this patient feels he “looks good.”

“I am in my 60s, a professional woman and feel I am being overlooked by clients because I look ‘older.’ “

The patient below has been a professional for 22 years and wants to continue to work.  She had a facelift and fat grafting at the same time.

face fat grafting

“I work with many younger women. I don’t want to look like their grandmother.”

How is a fat transfer procedure done?

A fat transfer is a cosmetic surgery procedure to replace fat that has naturally diminished with age, or to enhance the soft tissue of facial and occasionally other anatomic areas resulting from prior trauma or surgery. Replacing fat requires that it first be removed with liposuction techniques from a site where it is abundant such as the abdomen, hips or buttocks. Within the same treatment session that it is extracted, the fat is injected or grafted to improve facial contours, lift creases and depressions and enhance cheeks, lips or occasionally the breast or extremities.

If you would like to make improvements to your appearance similar to what you see in the above patients, we invite you to contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ditesheim. He will listen to your concerns, thoroughly discuss your goals, and explain all of your options to achieve the results you have in mind.

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