It wasn’t until after I stopped nursing that I really looked at my breasts.

June 22, 2017 |

It wasn’t until after I stopped nursing that I really looked at my breasts. My once small but perky breasts had become a little flatter…a little droopier. To be honest, they looked a little sad, especially compared to the rest of my body.

amanda-500I began looking for plastic surgeons. I made an appointment with Dr. Ditesheim after I made sure he was board-certified, and nervously awaited our meeting. I was afraid his office would be staffed with women who had been “done” and that he, upon meeting me, would point out all the things that might need to be changed; like Samantha’s meeting with a plastic surgeon on Sex in the City. I was immediately relieved when I walked in the office. The staff was attractive, and no one had that pinched look that people who have had too much plastic surgery have at times. No one looked like they had a watermelon under their shirt. Dr. Ditesheim was respectful and listened to me. It was obvious that he wanted to know what I wanted, rather than trying to convince me what my ideal body should look like.

We tried on different size implants, which was actually pretty funny, and I found what I thought would be appropriate for my body. We discussed saline versus silicone and whether or not I needed a lift. I did not want a lift. I feel the implants are perfect for my body. I do not look like I have had a “boob-job.” I look like a woman with a naturally curvy figure. My breasts look and feel natural and when I’m naked, they hang where they should for a woman in her late 20’s with children. No need to remind my husband that I’m 40 and nursed our daughter. He knows, but he doesn’t remember when I am naked in front of him. And neither do I when I look in the mirror. I am a fairly confident person and I have always known that I was sexy, but now my body matches how I feel inside, and I thank Dr. Ditesheim for that.

The thing I liked best about Dr. Ditesheim is that he took so much time with me and didn’t make me feel rushed. He wanted to make sure we were doing exactly what I wanted and needed to boost my self confidence! He made me feel like a person, not just another number or patient on the schedule that day!


Procedures that Amanda had with Dr. Ditesheim for her Mommy Makeover: Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck, Hip Liposuction