Aquashape Liposuction and Breast Augmentation Case Study

Liposuction Combined with Breast Augmentation Gave This Young Woman Confidence

This is a young woman, 23 years old, who was frustrated because she felt her body “looked square” and lacked shape. Being tall (5’8”) without shape made her feel unattractive. With smaller breasts, she felt that her body was not proportional. In one session, she had breast augmentation with silicone implants and Aquashape liposuction of her abdomen and waist. She is shown before and three months after. Her weight has decreased 11

About her Aquashape and Breast Augmentation Surgery

Both the Breast Augmentation and the Liposuction were performed at the same time while she was asleep. The surgical procedure was just over two hours. New generation “Gummy Bear” silicone implants were placed under the breasts to restore a natural roundness to the breasts. At the same time, Aquashape, water-assisted liposuction removed fatty tissue from the abdomen and waist. Just over 5 lb of fat was removed (2350 gm). Liposuction with post-op weight loss (11lbs) was just what she needed to have curves and shape that brought her confidence in her body. Over the first two weeks, the swelling decreased and she was driving 5 days after the procedures. She returned to work on day 8, still wearing compression garments. She needed pain medicine for the first week and occasionally at night during the second week.

From Dr. Ditesheim: Why this plan?

So many young women suffer from poor body image. They are mature, exercising, trying to follow a healthy lifestyle, but feel insecure because of body image. Sometimes there are fatty tissue deposits in the worst places. Unwanted fat particularly in the lower tummy or waist area can give a squareness to the body and an exaggerated fullness to the tummy. Neither of these are attractive or reflect a young woman’s healthy body. Liposuction can remove the fatty tissue selectively to improve shape and restore waist definition.

Isn’t losing weight better than liposuction?

Women who are overweight should absolutely first investigate a healthy lifestyle. This means healthy diet, regular exercise, stress reduction, self-care. Liposuction is not a weight loss treatment. Overweight women who chose liposuction as a quick fix over a healthy lifestyle almost 100% regain the weight within the first year. Liposuction selectively removes small quantities of fat where it creates a distortion in body shape. Your body will store fat somewhere, and you won’t have a choice where it goes.

Why combine Breast augmentation and Liposuction in one procedure?

The goal for this young woman was to help her with better shape and balance. By making her breasts larger and more proportional to her frame (and desire) and reducing her torso her shape and balance is completely different. The changes were complimentary. Now in profile her most projecting body area is her breast, not her tummy.

Why does Dr. Ditesheim prefer Aquashape Liposuction and other doctors don’t?

It’s really very simple: All liposuction removes fat through a cannula from a remote site. The problem is how the fat is removed. The energy or force with all other types of liposuction creates trauma to the normal adjacent tissues. This results in swelling and bruising, sometimes permanent numbness. I wanted a liposuction technique that would permanently remove the fat but be gentle. Aquashape uses a controlled water jet to dislodge the fat cells and then permanently removes the fat from the body. Think of if as “flushing away the fat”. It really is a safer, gentler approach. It is even an option to have the procedure awake if you prefer. Without going to sleep, you have the option to drive yourself home. There will always be new technologies. After 10 years, I continue to use Aquashape for its effectiveness and gentleness.

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