High Definition Liposuction for Men 50+

High Definition liposuction for Men 50+ is an advanced technique to sculpt the mature male body. There is an intentional approach to how the strong, youthful male body should look.  Different from the female body, which has continuous flowing curves, the ideal masculine body has strong lines and planar shapes. The chest should have a trapezoid or “shield-like” shape. The lateral pectoral border should be strong and angular. The abdomen should have a strong “V” shape from the nipple line to the pubis. The abdominal (rectus) muscles form the central section with the serratus and oblique muscles defining the lateral planes. The rectus muscle inscriptions (abdominal etching) are defined three-dimensionally to create intentional shadows of depth and definition.

Why Do Men Choose High Definition Liposuction?

There are specific changes in shape that distort the mature male body from looking youthful and athletic. Due to physiological, hormonal and lifestyle changes, the mature male body becomes rounder, the pelvis tilts forward and the chest flattens. Looking at this man’s transformation we can see how each of these distortions is corrected.

The protuberant tummy or “belly” is the result of postural changes, weak muscles and fatty tissue. High Definition Liposuction removes the excess fatty tissue from the tummy. A strong exercise program after surgery to strengthen muscles and improve posture can change the “poochy tummy to a flat, more youthful shape. Notice how his posture has changed.

High Definition Liposuction Results

Looking at this man’s transformation before and after High Definition Liposuction, in the oblique view there is reduction of fatty tissue from the back and the front. There is intentional definition of the muscular lines: the lines alba in the midline, the line semilunaris along the lateral rectus muscles. You can see serratus muscles under his arm and the oblique muscles defining this pelvis from his central core.

Finally, the hanging skin in the lower tummy is removed. Because the lower tummy skin is more loosely attached anatomically, this area in particular can have redundant skin. Many times, in a mature male body, the lower tummy skin balloons out with fatty tissue to cover or distort the pubic and genital region. This creates a mound of fullness just above the genitals or causes the genitals to be pushed down.  By removing the excess lower tummy skin, the plane from the belly button to the pubic area is flat and the pubic area is lifted to the youthful anatomical position.

High Definition Liposuction for Men over 50 uses all the advanced body sculpting tools. Removing fat or skin, defining anatomy and adding fat as grafts where the volume has been lost. This is particularly true in the upper chest and the buttocks for men. Fat grafts can also be used to define the arms. For this man, fat was used to augment the definition of the chest and the shape of the upper buttocks.

For most men, excess fatty tissue first appears in the lower tummy and the love handles of the lower back area. Together, fatty tissue fullness in these areas creates a distorting roundness. A traditional liposuction approach can decrease fatty tissue in these areas to improve shape. The complexity, recovery and investment is less. For many men, a traditional approach using Aquashape or water-assisted liposuction can be a very good solution to removing unwanted fatty tissue.

How does Traditional Liposuction compare to High Definition Liposuction for Men over 50?

In this comparison, the man on the left had traditional liposuction to remove fatty tissue from his chest, abdomen and love handles. His chest is flatter, his love handles are gone, and his tummy is not hanging. He was very satisfied with the results. By contrast, the man on the right had High Definition Liposuction to shape the body 360 degrees. He has detailed muscle definition of his chest and abdomen, a strong “V”, and three-dimensional separation of the central core (front area inside the V) from the lateral oblique muscles. This man was equally satisfied with his results and it really motivated him to work out and strengthen his body after surgery. Both the traditional and the High Definition approach start out with removal of unwanted fatty tissue. High Definition Liposuction goes further using an intentional approach to define and sculpt the male body to obtain the very best results.

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