High Definition Liposuction for women

High Definition Liposuction for women is an advanced approach to body sculpting. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a machine or a technology. Power, Laser, Ultrasonic or Water Liposuction are different technologies, using different energy sources to facilitate fat removal. High Definition Liposuction is an intentional approach to sculpt the body. It is based on anatomical knowledge of the underlying frame and the beauty of the ideal female shape.

High Definition Liposuction sculpts the soft tissue over the musculoskeletal frame

The beauty of the female body is dependent on curves that flow to create proportional roundness in shape. Roundness is the three-dimensional result of convex and concave curved lines joined at an inflection point. The shape formed is an Ogee, a natural shape that forms the foundation of beauty. In the image at right, (white arrows) the concave curve defines the waist, the convex curve defines the hips, thighs and buttocks. The inflection point, yellow arrow, where the curves join is the bony prominence of the pelvic bone. High Definition liposuction simply is the sculpting of the soft tissue over the musculo-skeletal frame to create the ogee curves. This is so much more than removing pockets of fat. This intentional approach is the same for every woman’s body, but the sculpting has to be customized for each woman’s frame.

How Plastic Surgeons Create the Goal Body Shape

Different from pure sculpting, in plastic surgery we have the ability to both add and subtract as the body is shaped. Roundess, whether in the breasts or the buttocks is defined by volume and shape. As the body is sculpted, it may be important to add fat grafts or implants to define areas where convex curves and roundness are important. In the pink box at the left notice how adding an implant and lifting the breast completely changes the shape of the breast. The black and white are used to show the contrast in volume before and after. We all agree that the after image give the shape of a full natural breast. What you are seeing is the Ogee again, the continuity of the concave and convex lines to form the desired round shape of the female breast.

The patient whose pictures are shown above, before and 1 year after high definition liposuction with VASER ultrasonic-assisted liposuction has restored natural curves. She was treated both prone and supine ( on her tummy and on her back) to shape the body circumferentially. The High Definition liposuction sculpting gave her a flat tummy. Even better, the tummy is no longer round and amorphous, but after reflects the muscular definition. Notice how the central core of the abdomen now stands separate form the oblique planes on the side. You can see the central area because the lateral border of the rectus (tummy) muscles has been defined three-dimensionally.

With High Definition Liposuction, 80% of the waist definition is sculpted from the back. You can see in the oblique view (at right), how the waist defines the entire torso: abdomen and buttocks. Fatty tissue was removed from the abdomen, the back, around the buttocks and from the inner thighs.

The scars are hidden. Very small 5mm scars are hidden in the pubic area, the belly button and in the Venus dimples of the back.

Recovery is longer with High Definition Liposuction but results can be dramatic. This intentional approach to female body sculpting can be used for every woman.

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