How to Make Liposuction Safe for the Larger Tummy

Treating the larger tummy can be more complicated, take more time and incur more risk. Many women at higher weight have high blood pressure, sometimes adult-onset diabetes, sometimes difficulty with mobility. The obesity (weight over 200lb) itself is a risk factor for healing. There is more likelihood for swelling, bruising and longer wound healing. Add to this, the need to remove larger amounts of fatty tissue to see shape changes and the need for general anesthesia and you can understand why liposuction on the larger tummy can be risky.

How to make Liposuction for the Larger Tummy Safer

Aquashape, staged liposuction awake may be the answer. Taking the following three precautions can help make the procedure safer.

1. Avoid General Anesthesia: Aquashape Liposuction is a gentle technique to remove fat. A water-jet inside a liposuction cannula permanently removes the fat from the body. Because Aquashape is a gentler approach to fat removal, it is reasonable to have this procedure awake, with local anesthesia. That means you do not go to sleep. Not using general anesthesia is significantly less risk to the body.

2. Remove a limited amount of fat. To be more confident of a shorter recovery, a limited amount of fat is removed. Liposuction that removes a limited amount of fat (3-5lb) has less risk and less recovery than removing 10lb or more at one time. Removing more fat at one time causes more blood loss and more stress to the body. This means longer swelling and more recovery.

3. Consider more than one stage. Staging means that two smaller operations remove the unwanted fat rather than one larger operation. Smaller operations that avoid general anesthesia still produce significant improvement. Smaller operations have less risk and easier recovery. The unknown variable for every patient is how your body will heal. Patients with larger tummies can have swelling that can last for weeks to months. By staging, you understand that you can get to the same goal with less risk and less recovery. This means being able to drive immediately, maybe going out to lunch after the surgery, and having a more predictable return to work and daily activities.

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