Liposuction Cost for the Larger Tummy

Patients who have larger tummies are often curious about their liposuction options, the cost of their procedure, and whether liposuction or another procedure such as a tummy tuck will best meet their goals. Dr. Ditesheim can explain the specifics of your procedure after a consultation, but here are some of the basics you should know about liposuction in the abdominal area.

Doesn’t it cost less if I have more fat removed at one time?

No! First, two smaller operations have less risk. Risk can translate into complications and hospitalizations. Complications mean longer recovery and more time of out of work. Unplanned time out of work can be very costly, and could even cost you your job.

If you choose to have the liposuction procedures under local anesthesia, there are no professional anesthesia fees, which can range from $910-$2000. So, while you return to the operating room two times rather than one, it does not have to cost more.

What should I do if I have a “hanging tummy”?

Women with larger tummies that have a “hanging tummy” should consider having the excess skin removed. Stretched out skin will collect dependent fluid like a sac and make recovery difficult. When there is a larger hanging tummy and a lot of fatty tissue, this is a good time to stage the procedures. If the hanging tummy is loose skin, then removing this skin first is my recommendation.

What are my options for liposuction of the larger tummy and what is safest?

Women with a larger tummy often need more fat removed to see shape changes. Taking out more fat means more blood loss, more swelling, and longer recovery. There are different options depending on your individual risk and expectations for results and recovery. The different options to consider are: one stage vs two stages, general vs local anesthesia, and limited vs extensive fat removal.

What is the cost for liposuction of the larger tummy?

In the box below are six similar women who had larger tummies treated differently. All wanted improvement in their shape. For each woman, her age, height and weight is noted, as well as the anesthesia (awake or general anesthesia), total amount of fat removed, recovery, investment, and procedure time in the operating room.

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