Tummy Tuck 360 with High Definition Liposuction

Tummy Tuck 360 is an advanced approach to body sculpting. As you can see in before-and-after photos, Tummy Tuck 360 literally sculpts the body to create waist definition, defined curves, and a flat tummy.

Like a sculptor, the Tummy Tuck 360 procedure treats the body circumferentially. The patient is turned during the procedure to define the waist and literally shape the body. It would be impossible to “sculpt” if the subject is only in one position. By removing the fatty tissue from different areas, the underlying anatomy can be defined. For example, the fatty tissue in the lower back blunts the waist and creates a squareness to the buttocks. By understanding the anatomy three-dimensionally, the “frame”, the muscular definition can be uncovered to reveal natural curves. The results you see are not the result of weight loss. The dramatic change in the body is the result of removing fat selectively to reveal the body underneath.

Traditional vs High Definition Liposuction: What is the difference?

It is often confusing with all the different “types” of liposuction machines (such as Smart-Lipo, Ultrasonic Lipo, Laser, lipo, Tickle Lipo, Power Lipo, or Water-lipo) to determine which is best. It is also confusing to understand how Tummy Tuck 360 with High Definition Liposuction is different from traditional liposuction. Simply, High Definition Liposuction is a completely different approach to liposuction. Traditional liposuction removes fat. Each “type” or machine uses some type of energy (heat, laser, ultrasonic, water-jet, vibration, nutational energy) to make it easier to mobilize and remove fat. Some work faster, some have more recovery. All “types” of liposuction have as the goal: fat removal.

High Definition Liposuction 360 is a sculpting approach, not a reductive procedure. Fat is layered on the body frame and muscles. The fatty tissue layer under the skin provides essential padding, but also defines curves. The High Definition liposuction 360 Approach starts with the end goal, the desired shape in mind at the beginning. The approach is to start with the imagined result in mind and remove fat as needed to define the natural curves for each woman’s body. Applying this sculpting principle to surgery, the patient is treated in different positions (on the back, on the tummy, or on the side) to continuously shape the body. Fat may be added (for example, to the buttocks or breasts) to enhance shape.

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