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Vaser Liposuction

Body sculpting technology has advanced with the development of the VaserLipo body sculpting system. This precision body contouring system is minimally invasive and can sculpt and trim hard-to-reach areas of the body, including love handles, thighs, calves, buttocks, ankles, back, chest, and can define muscle groups to produce a tight, firm, athletic look.

Candidates for VaserLipo are those who want to create a more defined, sculpted body shape, and are struggling to reduce fatty deposits in specific body areas. Every patient will be evaluated to ensure this very safe treatment is appropriate. You should be:

  • In good general health
  • Within 30 percent of your ideal weight
  • Skin in good condition, retaining elasticity
  • Non-smoker (or prepared to quit)
  • Do not have an existing medical condition that may put you at risk of complications

How Does Vaser Liposuction Work?

The VaserLipo system can produce far superior results when compared to traditional liposuction, which required a longer recovery time and often left patients with an uneven, lumpy look, or lack of skin retraction. This advanced liposuction system uses sound waves to break up fat, without damaging the surrounding tissues.

Prior to treatment, the area to be treated will be filled with a special solution that numbs the area and shrinks the blood vessels to greatly reduce the risk of bleeding or bruising. The solution swells the fat cells. After the application of this solution, a sound energy-emitting probe is passed beneath the skin. This probe essentially “shakes” the fat cells loose from the surrounding tissue, after which its suction feature extracts the expanded fat cells. One of the most significant advantages of this advanced body sculpting system is that just the fat cells are gently and effectively extracted.

Benefits of the VaserLipo

At Ditesheim Cosmetic Surgery in Charlotte, NC, we are committed to staying at the cutting-edge of aesthetic technology and have chosen to use the VaserLipo system for high-definition body sculpting. The advantages of the system include:

  • One treatment produces remarkable results
  • Precision body contouring with outcomes far superior to traditional liposuction
  • Larger quantities of fat can be removed in one treatment
  • Smooths and sculpts hard-to-treat areas such as arms and neck
  • Customized sculpting to create muscle definition
  • May help you avoid the need for surgical body sculpting
  • Tightens skin for a smooth, even look

Custom Body Sculpting with VaserLipo

If eating a healthy, nutritious diet and engaging in an exercise program has been unable to resolve excess fat, Vaser Liposuction can allow you to finally achieve a trim, fit, more athletic body shape. As the system is far more efficient at separating fat cells, and allows for a precision approach, muscle groups surrounded by excess fat can be treated, including chest, arms, thighs, love handles, abdomen, or other area where fatty deposits linger. The system has the added benefit of promoting higher levels of skin retraction for smooth, natural result.

Get Muscle Definition with VaserLipo

If you have worked hard to have a healthy, strong physique, watch your diet, and are still unable to achieve muscle definition, treatment with the VaserLipo system produces remarkable results in just one treatment.

The ability to custom-sculpt your body, defining muscle groups in chest, arms, thighs, or other area of the body has made VaserLipo one of the most exciting technological developments in aesthetic technology. Men and women alike appreciate the appearance of defined muscles, but cannot always achieve the look, no matter how often, or how vigorously they work out. VaserLipo can produce a cut, defined look with targeted fat extraction around these muscle groups.

VaserLipo vs. Traditional Liposuction

While traditional liposuction treatments were effective in extracting excess fat, this method was hard on the patient’s body, and required many weeks of recovery time. Traditional liposuction simply extracted the fat, and had a damaging impact upon the surrounding tissue, and led to extensive bruising and bleeding in many cases. When the blood vessels are damaged, the recovery time will be longer, and less comfortable.

The VaserLipo system does not damage the surrounding tissue, as the fat is gently shaken free from the surrounding tissue prior to gently extracting the cells. With less blood loss, less inflammation, and less pain, patients are back to their normal lives within days – not weeks or months. Some of our patients are interested in an added procedure – natural fat grafting – and the fat cells extracted by the VaserLipo system are left intact and can be injected to create more volume in buttocks, breasts, or other body area.

Why Choose Dr. Ditesheim for Vaser Liposuction?

Dr. Ditesheim has garnered a reputation for excellence in plastic surgery and body sculpting treatments. He is committed to staying at the leading edge in the latest developments in technology and procedures. As a board-certified plastic surgeon known for achieving exceptional results, his goal is to help his patients achieve the look they want with the most effective, least invasive approach, including the use of the VaserLipo system for body contouring.

Dr. Ditesheim is warm, personable, and a highly-talented plastic surgeon who is committed to excellence. The first step in the journey to a more sculpted body is a private consultation. The doctor/patient relationship is a critical point in our ability to create the look you envision for your body. We listen carefully to our patients, and ensure they are educated, know what to expect in treatment, recovery, and in the final appearance.

Learn More at a personal consultation with Dr. Ditesheim

If you live in or plan to travel to the Charlotte, NC area and are interested in AquaShape liposuction, contact us today.

At a personal consultation with Dr. Ditesheim, you can get a better idea for how liposuction with AquaShape can help you enjoy a slimmer and shapelier body.

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