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Breast Lift


If you're considering getting a breast lift at our Charlotte practice, you may have lots of questions regarding the details of your procedure.

At Ditesheim Cosmetic Surgery, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey A. Ditesheim makes sure to take all the time needed to address your concerns so you can feel comfortable making your final decision about moving forward with surgery.

Am I a candidate?

The best candidates for breast lift surgery are women who are in good overall physical and mental health and have concerns about the degree of sagging in their breasts. Sagging or ptosis, is common among women as they age, undergo weight fluctuations or have gone through pregnancy.

Women with moderate to large breasts are especially prone to sagging, although women with small breasts can also benefit from a breast lift. The best breast lift results are seen in women with downward pointing nipples, excess breast skin or a deflated breast appearance.

Can a breast lift change the location of my nipples?

Yes. Because a breast lift involves lifting and reshaping breast tissue before tightening the breast skin, the procedure usually also requires relocating the nipples to a naturally central placement.

For many women, this is an added benefit of the procedure, because sagging can cause the breast skin to stretch out, often resulting in nipples that are off-center or lower than they should be. In addition, your areolas can be resized if they have become larger than you would like as a result of sagging.

Will a breast lift make my breasts look larger?

Keep in mind that a breast lift focuses on breast shape rather than breast size. While a breast lift won’t make your breasts any larger, most women feel that their new shape after a breast life gives them a more youthful figure with a perkier bust line.

Depending on your goals, a breast lift might be enough to enhance your breasts. For others, ideal results can be created through a combination of a breast lift and implants.

Where are the scars located after a breast lift?

The common approach to take for breast lift surgery is to place the incisions around the areola, extending downward to the inframammary fold, the natural crease below the breasts. This is often called a ‘keyhole’ incision, and allows Dr. Ditesheim to reshape the breast tissue and tighten the skin for the best breast lift results.

While some breast lift patients worry about the appearance of scars prior to their surgery, after their breast lift, most patients are so happy with their results that the scars seem well worth it. In addition, the scars from breast lift surgery tend to fade quite a bit within the first couple of years after surgery, and for many, eventually heal to a point that they are hardly noticeable.

Can a breast lift help correct asymmetrical breasts?

Depending on your exact needs, it’s quite possible that a breast lift can help you achieve greater breast symmetry. If you have one breast that is larger than the other, the smaller breast can be augmented or the larger breast reduced.

These procedures can be combined with a lift on one or both breasts to create the most natural appearance. The best way to determine your options for asymmetrical breasts is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ditesheim.

When will I see my results?

You should be able to notice some difference in your breast shape and position immediately after surgery. Initially, your end results will be obscured by swelling or bruising as your body heals from surgery.

While most breast lift patients can return to work after only a few days of downtime, your final results will slowly develop over the next several weeks and months as the swelling dissipates and your breasts settle into their new position. At about 6 months following surgery, you should have a good idea of the end results of your breast lift

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