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Breast Lift & Augmentation at a Glance

If you're wondering whether breast implants are "enough" to address the sagging, then a breast lift with augmentation might be the perfect option for you. This popular post-pregnancy and post-weight loss procedure can restore a breast contour you'll love, and boost confidence too!

Quick facts about Breast Lift & Augmentation:

  • This two-in-one surgery can dramatically enhance your proportions, helping your clothing fit more comfortably & attractively
  • We'll help you choose breast implants that fit your body and personality
  • Dr. Ditesheim specializes in implant placement techniques that allow many patients to avoid traditional breast lift scars
  • A breast lift with augmentation in Charlotte typically costs between $8,000 and $12,000

The beautiful curves you want in one surgery

If your breasts are looking a little deflated & droopy, a breast lift with augmentation may be just the right way to get back the breast contour you want.

And it’s not just about having beautiful breasts—eliminating sagging can help you feel significantly more comfortable in your clothes and more confident in your appearance.

Why have a breast lift with implants?

If you would like to increase your breast size (restore volume to “deflated” breasts) and correct sagging, a lift with augmentation is a good option to consider. In fact, a lift with implants is a more popular option than a breast lift alone, as the majority of patients considering a lift have lost volume after pregnancy or weight loss.

There are a number of benefits for having a lift with: breast implants:

  • Breast implant shape, size & profile can be tailored to achieve the breast contour you want and that looks most natural with your proportions.
  • Having a breast lift at the same time as augmentation can correct sagging for a firmer, more youthful contour
  • If you’ve lost significant volume, there may not be enough breast tissue left to recreate an aesthetically pleasing shape; implants can add back the volume, allowing for a better result
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A Breast Lift with Implants Can Help Clothing Fit the Way You Like

A breast lift with augmentation involves three basic changes that work together to create your desired look:

  • Eliminating sagging by removed excess, stretched skin
  • Creating a more symmetrical, perky breast shape
  • Restoring fullness with the breast implants of your choice

So do I really need a lift too?

This depends on your personal goals and the amount of sagging you have. Implants alone can provide some improvement, but they cannot defy gravity. If you have a more severe amount of sagging and stretched skin, you’ll probably be most pleased with the results by having a breast lift as well to remove the excess skin.

This will help to ensure that the implants sit in the correct position so your breasts maintain the desired shape.

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Options for improving “lift” without implants

Not everyone wants or needs a traditional breast lift to achieve their desired results. In fact, Dr. Ditesheim prefers to avoid breast lift incisions if possible.

For minor sagging, he can use an implant placement technique that will allow the implant to sit a little higher on the chest, with the nipple facing forward. Depending on the patient, subfascial or submuscular placement may be most appropriate.

Subfascial Implant Placement

Placing the implants above the pectoral muscle, but beneath the fascia—the connective tissue lining that separates the breast tissue from the muscle—can achieve beautiful results for many patients, giving the implant greater coverage while allowing for a placement that offers a modest lifting effect.

Submuscular Implant Placement

In patients with good skin tone whose breasts have “settled” a little lower than they would like, a submuscular implant placement can help restore fullness in the upper pole with a very smooth transition from upper chest to the breast. This can give the breasts a more lifted, shapely appearance without additional scarring.

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About Dr. Ditesheim’s Scar-Minimizing Techniques

A common concern for our patients considering a breast lift with augmentation are the scars. While it’s true that a breast lift requires different incisions than an augmentation alone, Dr. Ditesheim specializes in a “short scar” technique, which involves only two incisions:

one around the natural edge of the areola and one vertically from the areola down to the breast crease. You can learn more about the incision techniques and surgery details in our breast lift learning center.

About Your Recovery

Recovery from surgery is surprisingly quick for most of our breast lift with augmentation patients. You may have some initial discomfort along the incision lines, but the pain is usually mild. You’ll be encouraged to move your arms right away, and patients typically go back to their jobs within 1-3 days, depending on the extent of surgery. After a few weeks, you’ll be able to gradually return to your exercise routine.

We want to make sure that your surgical experience and recovery is as pleasant as possible. Our experienced, caring staff will guide you throughout your surgery process, providing detailed instructions on how to ensure a rapid, comfortable recovery, and checking in with you frequently during this time.

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