Patient Details

Fat cells once removed (with liposuction) do not “regrow”.  When weight increases, every fat cell in the body becomes larger, like a balloon.  When weight is lost, every fat cell gets smaller.   So gaining weight after liposuction will be more apparent in non-treated areas.  Here, a woman’s weight increased 7 lbs over the first year, but is not noticeable in her tummy or waist.

Procedures:Tummy Tuck after Pregnancy, Tummy Tuck with Liposculpting

Age: 42

Weight: 173

Height: 5' 8"

Children: Yes

Breast Implant Position: Subpectoral (Beneath Muscle)

Breast Implant Style: Smooth Round Silicone Gel

Breast Implant fill: L 339cc, R 286cc Silicone Gel Breast Implants