Patient Details

This patient, who had breast augmentation 5 years earlier with another surgeon, was unhappy with the way her breasts looked after having two children and wanted smaller, lifted breasts. In consultation with Dr. Ditesheim, she chose to have her current implants exchanged for smaller implants, along with a breast lift to address stretched, sagging skin.

Before: “… my breasts stretched out and were sagging. My implants were heavy, droopy and just too big for my body; I want a size that is right for my body, I don’t want my breasts spilling out of my bra anymore.”

After: “My breasts are smaller and perkier, just what I wanted. I was afraid my new implants were going to be too big again but they are not, they are the perfect size for me, I love them!”

Procedures:Breast Implant Revision

Age: 32

Weight: 128

Height: 5' 6"

Children: Yes

Cup Size Before: D

Cup Size After: B