Patient Details

This patient, who previously had older style silicone breast implants placed by another surgeon, had experienced a rupture. She was also bothered by drooping and wanted to improve her breast shape. At her sizing session, Dr. Ditesheim helped her choose new silicone gel implants.

During implant revision surgery, Dr. Ditesheim removed her old implants, placed her chosen implants, and performed a peri-areolar breast lift to correct sagging with only a small, inconspicuous scar around the areola.

After: “I have the perfect amount of cleavage; it’s just what I wanted! I feel my once sagging breasts are now natural and perky. I am a 32 C and this is the right size for me. The position, shape, width, and size of my silicone implants are perfect.”

Photos taken before and 2 years after implant removal & replacement and peri-areolar breast lift.

Procedures:Breast Implant Revision

Age: 44

Weight: 118

Height: 5' 5"

Implant type: Silicone

Children: Yes

Cup Size Before: B

Cup Size After: C