Patient Details

This patient was unhappy with her previous breast augmentation, which was performed by another surgeon. After discussing her options with Dr. Ditesheim, she chose to replace her current implants with smaller silicone gel implants, a breast lift to address stretched skin, and fat grafting to help create the most natural result possible.

Before: “I was given large implants (originally) but they turned out to be not what I wanted, they were unnatural looking, heavy and they began to ripple.”

After: “Dr. Ditesheim sized my breasts to fit me perfectly; I didn’t have to guess. He listened to what I wanted and delivered my request perfectly! I love my cleavage it is the perfect amount. “

Procedures: Breast Implant Revision, Fat Transfer Augmentation

Age: 44

Weight: 128

Height: 5' 5"

Implant Type: Silicone