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Most men who have enlarged breast tissue can have the condition fully resolved with liposuction, with no need to undergo a more invasive surgical procedure. Many types and systems for removing excess fat are available to physicians and plastic surgeons. Dr. Ditesheim is committed to achieving excellent outcomes and uses a revolutionary liposuction system that produces excellent results called AquaShape.

Advanced Liposuction for the Treatment of Gynecomastia

The AquaShape system is less invasive, and more effective than traditional liposuction systems. Known as “water-jet assisted” liposuction and is the perfect treatment for harder to reach areas, including excess fatty tissue in the male breast. This is a far gentler technique traditional lipo, and able access harder to reach body areas to sculpt and trim more accurately.

If you are tired of seeing excess fat on your upper chest and hiding the condition in loose clothing, you deserve to find out about this minimally invasive treatment – it could be all that you need.

Groundbreaking Liposuction Treatment for Gynecomastia

To create a smooth, taut, masculine upper chest is easier than every with the use of this innovative technology for fat extraction. The fat is gently removed after being loosened from the surrounding tissue with the water-jet system. With AquaShape, the upper chest can be carefully sculpted to appear trim, fit, and masculine.


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Benefits of Liposuction for Gynecomastia

When surgery can be avoided, it should be. Many men with gynecomastia merely have excess fat, rather than enlarged glandular tissue. The benefits of this liposuction technique for men with enlarged breasts include:

  • Customized sculpting capability
  • Less downtime than surgery
  • Results are visible immediately after treatment
  • Safe for use, FDA-approved
  • No anesthesia required for treatment



Our mission is your comfort, along with fantastic results.

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Recovery: Liposuction for Gynecomastia

The gentle process of fat removal with the water-jet technology allows for a far faster recovery. Most people can return to work the following day, or even immediately after treatment. There is little risk of bruising and minimal swelling. Traditional liposuction had the side effect of fluid leakage after treatment, and the risk of lumps and bumps – this system produces smooth results.

Your upper chest will be restricted in a compression garment after your treatment is completed. This garment is removed the following day, and you won’t be left with the uneven look that is a known side effect of traditional liposuction systems. There many be a minor loss of sensation on the chest area which is restored to normal after a few weeks.

Why Choose Dr. Ditesheim to Treat Gynecomastia?

When it is time to finally do something about excess breast tissue, you want to know that you will have the least invasive treatment available. While some men may require surgery, many can achieve maximum improvement with the help of Dr. Ditesheim, the premier male plastic surgeon serving in the Charlotte area. He has gained a reputation for consistently achieving excellent results and is very familiar with treating gynecomastia with advanced surgical and non-surgical techniques.

Dr. Ditesheim has an approach which is naturally friendly and understanding, and he has a 5-star rating on realself.com. With over 20 years in practice, and a deep dedication to advancing his skills with the latest generation of modern surgical techniques, you can be confident that your condition will be treated with the highest level of skill, including treatment for gynecomastia with this groundbreaking liposuction system.


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Emotional Impact of Gynecomastia

Men who suffer from an excess of breast tissue suffer emotionally. It is common to have reduced self-confidence, and to shy away from social events if there is any risk of having to go shirtless. Clothing choices are limited, and even if the rest of the body is firm and fit, it is usual for patients with the condition to wear large, loose shirts to hide larger breasts.

Body image issues can be difficult to deal with – you deserve better. We invite you to discover this advanced method to remove excess fat in the upper male chest, and walk out of our office with a trimmed, fit, more athletic look – the difference in how you feel about your body can be life-changing.

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