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Sculpting your physique with AquaShape Liposuction

It's not about getting thinner, it's about improving your shape, helping to refine your proportions. AquaShape can help you lose unwanted fat, get the shape you envision, and gain the confidence that gives you an edge in your personal & professional relationships.

Why AquaShape is ideal for male liposuction:

  • Recovery is incredibly quick; many patients return to work the day after getting liposuction
  • You'll see results immediately, with very little post-op swelling
  • It's easy to go under the radar - take a long weekend, and no one has to know you had help looking that good
  • Superb sculpting that makes it possible to refine almost any area of your body: chest, abs, back, neck & calves

Male Liposuction

Liposuction is the gold standard for removing unwanted, excess fat and improving shape. Unlike non-surgical fat reduction, which can only reduce the total number of fat cells in an area, with liposuction a surgeon can remove precisely the amount of fat desired, sculpting a naturally smooth shape.

Jeffrey Ditesheim

As a premier plastic surgeon, Dr. Ditesheim is worth knowing. Learn more about his background and practice, and please call us with any questions.

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Dr. Ditesheim is the only plastic surgeon in NC performing AquaShape Liposuction

Traditional liposuction techniques can require general anesthesia, a week away from work and 3 weeks before you’re back at the gym. A lot of men just don’t have time for that—plus, it’s hard to keep your surgery “under the radar” with a week or more of downtime.

AquaShape is a water assisted liposuction technique that yields superb results with much less trauma to your tissues. It uses a water get to separate the fat and sculpt the area, rather than force. This helps Dr. Ditesheim sculpt the area with great precision and shortens your recovery process dramatically. Most patients are back at work in a day or two—have your procedure on Friday, go back in on Monday with a better body.

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Why Dr. Ditesheim?

As the only plastic surgeon in North Carolina performing AquaShape liposuction, Dr. Ditesheim offers Charlotte patients one of the most effective, safe and quick ways to improve body contours. And you’ll never hear him say you “need” surgery; he’ll listen to your goals, go over your options, and let you choose how to proceed.

When you choose Dr. Ditesheim, you get:

  • A board certified plastic surgeon with 20+ years of experience
  • Virtually scarless liposuction results with 1 to 2 day recovery
  • Imaging technology & sizing that lets you preview your results with accuracy—what you see is what you get
  • Privacy & safety of a fully accredited, on-site surgical facility
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About the procedure

An AquaShape procedure usually lasts between 30 minutes and three hours, depending on the number of areas to be treated. Dr. Ditesheim will perform your surgery at our fully accredited, private surgery center. Most patients only require local anesthesia to minimize discomfort during the procedure, and many drive themselves to and from our office.

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AquaShape has one of the quickest recoveries you’ll find in a cosmetic procedure

Most of our patients return to work after just 1 to 4 days. Although, we suggest that vigorous activity should be avoided for a few weeks. Bruising and swelling are minimal. Most men only find they need pain medication for the first day or two, if at all. Our experienced staff will provide you with postoperative guidelines that provide instructions for the most comfortable and successful healing.



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What’s the splash all about with water liposuction?

AquaShape Liposuction
AquaShape Liposuction
AquaShape Liposuction
AquaShape Liposuction
AquaShape Liposuction

Am I a candidate for the AquaShape™ procedure?

Men who are healthy, who exercise and take care of their body but have extra fat in the love handles, tummy, chest ( male breasts) or neck are excellent candidates for Aquashape.

Why does Dr. Ditesheim offer the Aquashape procedure, other doctors don’t?

Dr. Ditesheim was looking for a technology that was different from all other liposuction; one that would deliver sculpted results and a better recovery. Aquashape also provided the option to have a liposuction procedure without general anesthesia. Many physicians perform liposuction, some are plastic surgeon, others are not. Many do not think of fat removal as a “real procedure”. They promote unsafe techniques at discount prices. Poorly executed, liposuction can be dangerous and results disfiguring. Aquashape Liposuction at its best is a sculpting tool to create a more muscular, defined body, with minimal scar and an easier recovery.

How long has Dr. Ditesheim performed the Aquashape procedure?

Dr. Ditesheim is one of the most versed with Aquashape, with 642 procedures in the last 7 years. Men comprised 201 procedures for liposculpting of the chest and torso. After the procedure, 72% of the male patients were off narcotic pain medicine within 3 days.

How does AquaShape™ work?

Using a focused water jet, unwanted fat is separated and then permanently removed from the body through a long hollow tube (cannula). There are usually 2 to 5 small skin incisions (5mm). There is minimal to no collateral damage to normal structures (nerves and blood vessels).

Is AquaShape™ different from traditional liposuction methods?

Aquashape is unique in using water pressure to free up and remove fat. It is a gentler approach to permanent fat removal. Traditional liposuction often uses large, sharp destructive cannulas to break up and remove the fat. Other popular liposuction techniques (Smart-Lipo™, Power Lipo™, Tickle Lipo™, Laser lipo) use heat or supplemental energy to destroy fat before removal. These techniques can create more damage to surrounding normal structures. More collateral damage is the reason for more bruising and swelling. For most Aquashape patients, there is minimal to no bruising 24 hours after the procedure.

Isn’t “non-surgical” injections or freezing fat better?

“Non-surgical” approaches include laser (SculpSure™), chemical injection (Kybella™) or freezing (Coolsculpting™). These methods destroy very small amounts of fat but create significant bruising, swelling and possible permanent nerve injury. Non-surgical fat treatments do not produce the same results as Aquashape. It is not possible for these “non-surgical” methods to be selective in superficial or deep fat removal or to sculpt the body.

Do I need anesthesia?

Because Aquashape is a gentler technique, it is reasonable to have the procedure awake. For the chest, this has proven to be very successful, with 42% of the procedures performed with men awake. This allows return to work the same or next day or after the weekend. General anesthesia is always an option if you prefer to be asleep and painfree or for longer procedures.

How long is the recovery period after AquaShape™?

For chest, love handles and lower tummy return to work in 1-3 days is expected. For larger men or when more fat is removed 5-7 days may be needed to return to work. Minimal bruising is anticipated. Some swelling is normal and will gradually resolve over the first 2-3 months. Each person’s body is different but being in good physical condition can minimize recovery.

How much does AquaShape™ Cost?

For most men, the Aquashape investment will range from $5000 to $15,000. The cost depends on your areas of frustration and your body. For example, Aquashape for the lower tummy awake will start at $5000 ( procedure: 1 hour); larger men (>240lb) who want torso shaping (abdomen and hips) the procedure starts at $8500 ( procedure: 2 hours). For chest, abdomen and hips, most men will spend $10,000 to $14,500 ( procedure: 3 hours). For High-definition Liposuction ( abdominal etching and lipo-sculpting of chest and torso front and back) the procedure is longer, more complex and costs will be slightly higher.

The Aquashape procedure for male breasts, under local anesthesia: $6800. These fees include all pre and post-operative care and are designed to provide realistic estimates of the Aquashape procedures. Each person’s surgical plan is individualized and costs determined at the consultation. Financing with multiple third-party vendors is available.

Because nothing is more important than your safety, all AquaShape™ procedures are performed in our private AAAASF accredited operating suite. That means that the nurse that you talk to at the consultation will be at your side at each step of your experience. You will be seen the day after surgery and then at intervals during the first year to assure you have the best experience.

What are patients are saying about the Aquashape procedure:

Posted RealSelf 11 Jun 2017 by nigel0796

Aquashape Liposuction Chest:

“I went to Dr. Ditesheim because I was looking for a surgeon close to my home and to give me great results as well. The second you walk into the office, the staff greet you and they’re all so friendly and make you feel like your really going to be taken care of. Meeting with Dr. Ditesheim was a great thing as well. He’s very professional and thorough about his practice and explains how he’s going to do the surgery. The nurses are friendly and easy to talk to as well. I can definitely say I’ll be recommending Dr. Ditesheim to any one of my friends who are considering any cosmetic surgery.

Posted Vizium 360 3/23/18

Aquashape Liposuction Chest and Torso:

“It was a good experience Dr. Ditesheim and his staff were very helpful and professional. I was nervous and they eased the fear and made me feel comfortable. It went so easy, I would go back again. There was some discomfort but not unbearable just expected. I was not put under for the Aqua Liposuction (Aquashape) and was able to drive home and rest. I am very happy I did it. I would recommend Dr. Ditesheim, he was intuitive and knew what to ask about even though I was afraid to ask as certain areas are private.“

Single best thing about the procedure?

“I had chest liposuction, stomach and side flanks (Aquashape to the chest and torso), it gave me more confidence to take my shirt off without having man boobs as well as a flatter stomach and sides. I have received compliments from people and I haven’t made it public I had surgery. My shirts actually fit better. The crazy part is since then I have been motivated to lose more weight, so it spurred me on to do that which only helps the results overall.”

Aquashape Liposuction: Chest 1 day after:

“My chest looks natural and I like the result. Slight bruising gone at one week. Got married and went on my honeymoon and felt comfortable for the first time going shirtless at the beach!"

Aquashape Liposuction: Abdomen and Hips

“I used to have to work out 6-7 hours in the gym for these results. I returned to work 2 days after the procedure.”

The next step: your consultation with Dr. Ditesheim

The consultation is a confidential time for you to meet with Dr. Ditesheim and his team. He will answer your questions, examine you and give you a customized plan to best achieve your goals for body sculpting. Plan to spend one hour at our office. You will be given exact fees and instructions for preparing for the procedure and aftercare. The cost of the consult will be applied to your surgical fees.

About Ditesheim Cosmetic Surgery: Dr. Jeffrey A. Ditesheim is a board-certified plastic surgeon with 23 years of clinical experience, specialized in cosmetic plastic surgery. He is committed to providing you with the very best care. By bringing you innovative techniques like Aquashape, you can now have the shape you always wanted with a quicker, easier recovery. The team at Ditesheim Cosmetic Surgery is mature, experienced and passionate about providing you with the best experience every step of the way. We welcome your call and look forward to meeting you. Ditesheim Cosmetic Surgery, 9336 Blakeney Center Dr., Charlotte, NC 27103 704-542-8686

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