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BOTOX for Men

BOTOX remains one of the most popular and effective anti-aging treatments in the world. BOTOX injections have become a standard part of an anti-aging regimen for men who have experienced the results. The injections are performed every three or four months to keep wrinkles, lines, and creases at bay.

BOTOX Injections for Men Done Right

When BOTOX is injected correctly, the results look natural and fresh – not frozen. Dr. Ditesheim performs all injections on his male patients himself, rather than trusting BOTOX treatments to a nurse injector. Why? His depth of knowledge about male facial muscular structure and the quantity of the product needed to smooth and rejuvenate the face makes a difference in results.

Is BOTOX the Answer for You?

You may have thought about undergoing some treatment to smooth lines and wrinkles and have considered BOTOX. While women discovered the product first, men are jumping onboard with this groundbreaking anti-aging product.

BOTOX can produce dramatic improvements for the following signs of aging:

  • You have developed deep creases between the brows that leave you looking older, worried, or angry.
  • Your forehead is lined.
  • You have unsightly crow’s feet.
  • Deep set wrinkles are appearing on your face.
  • One eyebrow sits higher than the other creating an asymmetrical look.
  • You have a “gummy” smile.
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BOTOX Injections in Charlotte, NC

Lines and wrinkles are a natural part of aging. They result from constant facial motion, along with the loss of natural collagen and elastin, leaving the skin less firm and flexible. BOTOX works by limiting the motion of certain facial muscles that are constantly in motion and eventually leave the face looking lined and creased – and old.

Men Look Younger and More Vital with BOTOX

Many men are now choosing to maintain a look that is younger and more vital and rely on BOTOX injections to address the visible signs of aging. It is very important that BOTOX is injected correctly and in the right quantity and location, so the results leave you looking younger, without affecting your natural expressiveness.

Dr. Ditesheim has become the “go-to” medical professional trusted by many men in the Charlotte area who want to look younger, rejuvenated, and more vital – in a way that looks completely natural.

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What to Expect: Your First BOTOX Treatment

While many of our male patients are familiar with BOTOX as an anti-aging strategy, some men are coming to us for the first time. The process of getting BOTOX injections is very fast and simple – easily accomplished over lunch hour, or other time that is convenient for you. There is no anesthetic needed for the treatment for most patients.

The sensation is like a tiny pinch and not difficult to experience. BOTOX requires a few days to begin doing the job of smoothing wrinkles and lines, and as the days pass you will see your face looking younger, more vital, and more appealing.

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Alternatives to BOTOX: Dysport and Xeomin

While we consistently help our male patients with BOTOX injections, we also offer alternatives. Some of our male patients prefer the results of injections with Dysport or Xeomin -- other FDA injectables with essentially the same neurotoxin as BOTOX, but in a different formula.

Every man is different; you can expect a fully customized treatment, based upon your skin type, the lines and wrinkles you want to smooth, and the array of treatments and products we offer.

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