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Male Breast Reduction at a Glance

Every man deserves to feel confident in his own appearance. If you're one of the millions of adults or teens who suffer from gynecomastia, a male breast reduction can restore a more masculine chest shape, helping you feel more comfortable going shirtless.

Quick facts about gynecomastia treatment:

  • AquaShape® liposuction alone achieves excellent results for most men with virtually undetectable scars
  • Recovery is typically very quick; most of our patients return to work or school within 1 to 2 days
  • Gynecomastia can be treated at any age after puberty
  • Costs for male breast reduction in Charlotte typically range from $4,000 to $8,000

Male Breast Reduction – Gynecomastia Treatment

The male chest is one that defines a fit, firm and masculine appearance. But for many men, excess breast tissue (gynecomastia) can be an embarrassing and difficult condition to accept. Creating such anxiety and embarrassment they will go to great lengths to avoid any activity that requires a bare chest.

Hiding behind baggy shirts is not a lifetime solution. Using water assisted liposuction, Dr. Ditesheim can help you restore a more masculine shape to your chest with very little scarring and only a few days of downtime with a male breast reduction.

Jeffrey Ditesheim

As a premier plastic surgeon, Dr. Ditesheim is worth knowing. Learn more about his background and practice, and please call us with any questions.

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Why Dr. Ditesheim?

Gynecomastia can be hard on a man’s self-image. As the only plastic surgeon performing male breast reduction using AquaShape liposuction, Dr. Ditesheim has helped hundreds of men get the chest shape they want with minimal impact on their daily lives.

When you choose Dr. Ditesheim, you get:

  • A board certified plastic surgeon with 20+ years of experience
  • Virtually scarless results with 1 to 2 day recovery
  • Imaging technology & sizing that lets you preview your results with accuracy—what you see is what you get
  • Privacy & safety of a fully accredited, on-site surgical facility

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Why do I have gynecomastia?

All men have some breast tissue under the nipple. For some, there is either more breast tissue or the normal breast tissue has developed somewhat. This creates a projection under the nipple.

Any swelling under the nipple, areola or on the male chest can give a “breast look” that is embarrassing. For almost all guys, the “why” is not known.

AquaShape Liposuction: Superb Chest Contouring with a Quick Recovery

As a board certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Ditesheim understands how men feel about their bodies and the special concerns they have for approaching cosmetic surgery as a solution. He uses the less invasive AquaShape liposuction for almost all male breast reduction procedures, helping men sculpt a naturally flat & firm chest shape with excellent results.

Dr. Ditesheim is the only plastic surgeon in North Carolina performing AquaShape liposuction, and prefers it as a male breast reduction technique for a number of reasons:

  • AquaShape allows Dr. Ditesheim to sculpt a better shape with immense precision
  • Local anesthesia can be used in many cases
  • Recovery is very quick; most patients return to school or work the next day
  • Incisions are tiny and barely detectable

Whether through liposuction alone or with additional cosmetic surgery techniques, we can help you achieve a more masculine, firmer chest and restore confidence in your body-image.

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Is male breast reduction surgery right for me?

A male breast reduction is a highly individualized cosmetic surgery and you should do it for yourself, not to fulfill someone else’s desires or to try to fit any sort of ideal image. Basically, if you are bothered by the appearance of your chest because of excess fat or breast tissue, a male breast reduction is an option to consider.

To ensure your safety and an optimal outcome, you should be healthy, at or near your ideal weight, a non-smoker, and have a positive outlook and realistic expectations.

Gynecomastia treatment pre-operative overview

Dr. Ditesheim and his experienced staff will provide you with pre-surgical information that includes guidelines about drinking, smoking and avoiding certain vitamins and medications. During the pre-op appointment you may want to ask Dr. Ditesheim and his staff about how to prepare your family for your recovery.

Dr. Ditesheim’s caring staff has a wealth of experience in preparing patients and their families for the cosmetic surgery recovery process and ensuring a predictable, smooth process.

What can a male breast reduction treat?

Every man is different, and gynecomastia may present itself in a number of ways. Some men have puffy or prominent nipples, while others experience more widespread enlargement of breast tissue. Dr. Ditesheim will help you choose the best procedure option based on your anatomy and personal goals.

Excess fat and breast tissue often remains after weight loss. AquaShape liposuction is especially well-suited to treat gynecomastia in these cases.

Male breast reduction surgery & recovery

Gynecomastia surgery takes approximately 1-2 hours, and is performed in our fully accredited, private surgery center. Our surgical facilities are built and run by strict standards, to ensure the highest level of safety and comfort.

Using Dr. Ditesheim’s scarless technique, there is no scar on the chest, minimal to no bruising or swelling and a return to work or school the next day. Exercise can be resumed within the week. If a minimal scar is needed around the edge of the nipple to remove firmer breast tissue, the recovery can still be as quick. Even with a tailoring of excess skin, there is a quick recovery from gynecomastia surgery with minimal bruising and swelling with the ability to resume activities within 4-5 days.

Where is the scar?

For most men, the scar can be hidden completely. Using AquaShape liposuction, it is now possible to correct male breasts without a visible scar on the chest. A small skin slit is made in the armpit and a tube is inserted under the skin to remove the breast tissue.

If there is firmer breast tissue, then a small scar is made at the edge of the nipple. When the nipple skin shrinks, the scar heals almost invisibly.

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