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Enlarged breast tissue in men is embarrassing. Most men with the condition rarely, if ever, go shirtless, and tend to wear loose shirts to camouflage the condition. Rather than living life worrying about enlarged male breasts, you can treat the condition and be free from embarrassment, worry, or fears about revealing your chest.

  • Type 1: This condition is when a man has a puffy look to his nipple, which can appear cone-like and protruding. This is glandular tissue that will require surgical removal to smooth and firm the area.
  • Type 2: This is a more extreme amount of glandular tissue and fat. The actual size of the unwanted tissue makes the skin across the chest feel tight, particularly firm beneath the nipple area, and a softer, fatty feeling in the outer zones.
  • Type 3: This type of gynecomastia includes breast sagging, with the nipple structure drifting lower.
  • Type 4: Men with significant breast sagging have Type 4 gynecomastia. Noticeable, large breasts that sag must be treated with a surgical procedure to remove excess glandular tissue, fat, and excess skin to create a tight, firm upper chest.
  • Type 5: This type is when the excess breast tissue sags below the chest fold, and the breasts look like a woman’s breasts.
  • Type 6: A more extreme degree of sagging is associated with Type 6 gynecomastia. The breasts droop below the chest fold, under armpits, and may extend toward the back.
  • Type 7: This type involves extreme sagging, with the nipple appearing at the bottom of a large amount of saggy breast tissue.

Gynecomastia is also measured in “grades.” These grades describe the degree of excess glandular or fatty tissue:

Grades of Gynecomastia

Excess male breast tissue has four different “grades,” based upon the extent of the problem.

  • Grade 1: This grade is when the excess tissue is around the areola (the colored tissue surrounding the nipple).
  • Grade 2: The enlarged breast tissue extends beyond the areola, with a minor degree of enlargement, which is not particularly noticeable when the patient wears a loose shirt.
  • Grade 3: Enlarged breast tissue extends further into the breast zone for a more feminine look to the breasts and is typically clearly noticeable by others.
  • Grade 4: This grade is when the man’s breasts appear to be a woman’s breasts. The enlarged breast tissue is very noticeable and almost impossible to hide.
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Gynecomastia Treatments

Various treatments can be employed to remove excess fatty tissue on the male chest. Many men achieve spectacular improvements with our cutting-edge, gentle liposuction technique, and require nothing more than the removal of excess fat. Once gone, the chest zone flattens and firms, for a trim, masculine, appealing appearance.

Other more extreme cases, particularly those in which the female appearance of the breasts is related to an excess of glandular tissue will require surgical removal. These cases often involve both surgery and liposuction, but recovery is typically fast. Small incisions are used so you are not left with visible scars and recovery is not extensive.

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We are very proud to have become the leader in male cosmetic surgery, and to be able to treat our male patients with the focus and care they deserve. We understand that this condition has probably been making your life less enjoyable.

Dr. Ditesheim would like to speak with you in a private, discreet consultation, and help you learn the type of procedure that will be needed to create a smooth, tight, more athletic look to your upper chest. Our results are exceptional, and we invite you to view before and after images of men who have undergone gynecomastia treatment with Dr. Ditesheim.

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