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Why go to extremes? Discover your own best options.

About This Comparison

When it comes to effective, long-lasting facial rejuvenation, sometimes the question isn’t whether or not you want to have surgery, but which surgical approach will get you the results you want with the least interruption to your life.

What changes would best achieve your goals?

Fat grafting and facelift surgery are not interchangeable procedures. Fat injections can restore volume to drawn, thinning features; facelift surgery cannot. On the other hand, only a facelift can take care of jowling and sagging on the lower face and neck. So it comes down to what concerns you most wish to address.

Our patient on the left was most concerned about hollowed cheeks and temples that gave him a tired, older appearance. Fat injections were the most effective way to address these concerns—in fact, a facelift would have done little to achieve his goals.

For our patient on the right, however, sagging skin—on his cheeks, neck and eyelids—bothered him the most. A facelift was the best procedure choice for him, helping to restore a firmer, better defined neck and jawline. An upper eyelid blepharoplasty, performed at the same time, helped him complete his goals and restore a more open, vibrant appearance to his eyes.

Which procedures will best fit into your life?

Though both involve surgery, fat-grafting is considered minimally invasive and involves the least downtime. The injections do not leave scars on the face, and gentler harvesting techniques, such as AquaShape liposuction, involve minimal scarring to the area where the fat is taken from and help to ensure more of the transferred fat cells thrive in their new location.

Facelift surgery requires general anesthesia and several weeks of recovery time before returning to your full level of activity. However, this procedure can dramatically enhance your natural appearance with results that age naturally with you and require little maintenance other than a healthy lifestyle and good skin care.

Jeffrey Ditesheim

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Many Plastic Surgeons will tell you what you should have “done” and will push for multiple procedures.

If you’ve ever had a consultation with a plastic surgeon, you may have heard pronouncements like “you need a facelift” or “you’ll also need a breast lift” or “only a tummy tuck will help you.” The fact is, no matter what your concern, there are always multiple options. That’s why we take a different approach.

We’ll help you understand all your choices, both surgical & non-surgical

First, we listen carefully to what aspects of your appearance actually concern you. Then we explain the full range of options, plus pros and cons of each. Many of our patients choose a lower-cost, quicker-recovery option. And you can be rest assured knowing that Dr. Ditesheim is a board certified plastic surgeon, so every service he offers is known to be safe & effective.

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