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Why go to extremes? Discover your own best options.

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Having naturally symmetrical breasts is the exception, not the norm, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for uneven breasts if you’re bothered by their appearance. And correcting breast asymmetry doesn’t mean you have to get implants, either, unless that’s what you want. What’s best for your depends on three major factors:

What breast size do you prefer?

If you are happy with the size of your larger breast, you’ll probably need an implant in your smaller breast to bring it up to your desired size, or a uniquely sized implant in each breast to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing shape & symmetry. Our patient to the left wanted larger breasts altogether, so Dr. Ditesheim helped her choose her implants to achieve her desired appearance.

On the other hand, if you like the size of your smaller breast, a breast lift or breast reduction can help you get smaller, more symmetrical breasts without implants. Quite often, both breasts will be lifted and reshaped to achieve the best results

Would you like to improve the shape as well?

If one or both of your breasts are sagging, or you are unhappy with other variances in their shape, you may need to consider a breast lift to correct this, whether or not you are also getting implants. While a breast lift may require additional incisions, the benefits of having lifted, shapely breasts may be well worth it, and the scars are easily hidden under a bra or bikini. Our patient on the right wanted to improve symmetry, balance her proportions, and correct sagging; a breast reduction with Dr. Ditesheim helped her do just that.

How severe is your breast asymmetry?

Some patients experience severe asymmetry that is best treated using a combination of breast augmentation and breast reduction techniques. This allows Dr. Ditesheim to bring both breasts into a more proportional size and shape, by placing an implant in one or both breasts and removing excess breast tissue and sagging skin from the larger breast.

Jeffrey Ditesheim

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Many Plastic Surgeons will tell you what you should have “done” and will push for multiple procedures.

If you’ve ever had a consultation with a plastic surgeon, you may have heard pronouncements like “you need a facelift” or “you’ll also need a breast lift” or “only a tummy tuck will help you.” The fact is, no matter what your concern, there are always multiple options. That’s why we take a different approach.

We’ll help you understand all your choices, both surgical & non-surgical

First, we listen carefully to what aspects of your appearance actually concern you. Then we explain the full range of options, plus pros and cons of each. Many of our patients choose a lower-cost, quicker-recovery option. And you can rest assured knowing that Dr. Ditesheim is a board-certified plastic surgeon, so every service he offers is known to be safe & effective.

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