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About This Comparison

Have you heard that tummy tuck is the only way to get a flat tummy? Well, that’s not always the case. For many patients, liposuction alone can achieve the shape they are looking for. Two questions we’ll consider at your consultation that can help you sort our your options:

What is creating your belly “pooch”?

Unwanted fat is an issue for some patients, but not for everyone. Some patients are very lean, but have excess, sagging skin or stretched abdominal muscles (a common occurrence after having children) that they want to address. For such patients, liposuction can only do so much, and a tummy tuck is usually the preferred option.

This is the main difference between our two patients in this example. Our patient on the left had good muscle and skin tone; she did not like the excess fat accumulated on her belly. By removing excess fat and sculpting the area with AquaShape liposuction alone, Dr. Ditesheim helped her make her desired improvements to her abdomen.

For our patient on the right, excess fat was not the primary issue. Although she was in fantastic shape, her abdominal muscles were stretched after having children. A tummy tuck to tighten the muscles, combined with liposuction to sculpt an enhanced shape to her hips & abdomen, helped her get the results she envisioned.

How do you want your tummy to look?

It’s your idea of “what looks good on me” that should be the focus of your treatment plan. Many patients don’t need extreme contouring to get to where they want to be. For example, if you want to look better in your clothes, liposuction alone can help refine your shape & balance proportions, helping clothing fit more attractively, even if you have some abdominal muscle laxity.

Ultimately, what matters the most with body contouring is finding the procedure that best meets your goals in terms of how you want to look, what kind of recovery you are willing to have, and what procedure will be most effective given your unique anatomy.


Jeffrey Ditesheim

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Many Plastic Surgeons will tell you what you should have “done” and will push for multiple procedures.

If you’ve ever had a consultation with a plastic surgeon, you may have heard pronouncements like “you need a facelift” or “you’ll also need a breast lift” or “only a tummy tuck will help you.” The fact is, no matter what your concern, there are always multiple options. That’s why we take a different approach.

We’ll help you understand all your choices, both surgical & non-surgical

First, we listen carefully to what aspects of your appearance actually concern you. Then we explain the full range of options, plus pros and cons of each. Many of our patients choose a lower-cost, quicker-recovery option. And you can be rest assured knowing that Dr. Ditesheim is a board certified plastic surgeon, so every service he offers is known to be safe & effective.

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