Aquashape vs. CoolSculpting

June 22, 2017 |

With summer rapidly approaching, interest in body contouring is starting to increase. You may have seen some marketing hype about certain nonsurgical procedures that claim to sculpt the body as effectively as liposuction. While these claims sound tempting, we continue to be impressed with the great results we’ve seen from AquaShape, a kinder, gentler form of water-assisted liposuction that removes fat from the body. It features less trauma to the tissues and less downtime than standard liposuction procedures.

Let’s compare one of the popular methods—CoolSculpting®—and see how it stacks up against AquaShape.

Feature Comparisons AquaShape® CoolSculpting®
Procedure Minimally invasive surgery Non-surgical
Improvement time frame Results are immediately visible Results gradually develop over 1 to 3 months
Final result Dramatic recontouring Slight reduction in fat bulges
Treatment area Almost the entire body, including abdomen, breasts, hips, buttocks, thighs, back, arms, neck Abdomen, back, inner thighs only
Sculpting Yes, sculpting can be done with precision. Example: Both the amount of fat and the shape of a “love handle” can be altered. No, a general reduction in shape only. Example: The amount of fat in a “love handle” can be decreased, but the general shape of the “love handle” will remain.
General anesthesia Optional; typical patient only needs local anesthesia No
Repeated treatment Not generally needed Usually, for symmetry and optimal results
Results permanent Yes Yes
Fat transfer option Yes, for lipofilling of breasts,
buttocks, or face
No, fat is destroyed
Aquashape liposuction in NC

Actual Aquashape liposuction patient

One great benefit that we share with our patients is that you can harvest fat during the AquaShape procedure and use it in areas that need a little plumping; we have had great success with lipofilling, or fat transfer, to rejuvenate the face, and it can also be used for breast or buttock augmentation.

Another point we’d like to emphasize is that AquaShape provides superior sculpting of the body. With his technical skill and aesthetic judgment, Dr. Ditesheim can tailor the procedure to address very specific goals. CoolSculpting® is less precise because the paddles used during the treatment cannot be applied in a way that provide truly personalized results.

Gentle technology, impressive results

So how does AquaShape® work so effectively, yet so gently? It uses a carefully controlled water jet to separate the unwanted fat, which is then removed from the body. For our patients, this means a permanent change in body contour with minimal swelling and bruising, and a predictably short downtime.

Not only do we feel that AquaShape offers more benefits than CoolSculpting®, we also feel that it is better than standard liposuction! If you want a body contouring solution that is safe, gentle, and effective with precise results, Dr. Ditesheim would love to talk to you in more detail about the advantages of AquaShape; he is the only plastic surgeon in North Carolina who is performing this innovative type of liposuction. So, do you want a summertime body you can be proud of this year? Come in for a consultation and Dr. Ditesheim can answer all your questions about this safe, gentle procedure.